Brooklyn CB5 Disaster Reporting: Tropical Storm Ida Next Steps

September 3, 2021
Greetings Community!
In the aftermath of Tropical Strom Ida, we understand that the city and our district were impacted by heavy rains which flooded streets and homes. Earlier today, alongside the offices of Councilmember Inez Barron & Assemblymember Charles Barron, we surveyed the damages of various homes and blocks. We need your assistance to report the full depth of all issues. Please note the following information collected from our partner city agencies and service providers regarding emergency updates. Be sure to review each area for reporting purposes.
Flooding in Homes
If you know anyone that has had any kind of flood damage from Tropical Storm Ida, it is highly recommended that they fill out the report damage link from the city. This information will be used to advocate for disaster funds for the city’s recovery. The more people that provide the self-reported damage the better we all will fare.
Flooding in Streets
We need your assistance in reporting these problem locations to the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP). Please make it a priority to call 311 for any catch-basin that has been a problem area or that frequently floods, and after receiving the complaint number call our office with that information. You can file a complaint using the following link.
Power Restoration
Con Edison is working to restore power and to address the power lines that may have been affected by the tropical storm. Please do not assume that Con Edison knows that you’ve lost power. Be sure to report the loss using their hotline 800-752-3366 or use the following link.


Emergency Management
The city’s Office of Emergency Management always has helpful tips and information for community members before and after disaster strikes. Please review the following link for resources that may be helpful to community members. Additionally, enroll in the city’s emergency alert system through Notify NYC for alerts and updates regarding emergencies (link below).


The city has asked that all non-essential travel be postponed on roads and public transportation. Be sure to remain safe if you absolutely need to travel outdoors.
The subway system has been overwhelmed by the flooding from Tropical Storm Ida. There are delays and residual impacts on almost all major subway lines. The J train is severely limited due to the impacts with both A & C trains seeing limited service. Please use the link below for more information.
Link: Home | MTA


If there is anything else that we can assist you with don’t hesitate to contact our office using the attached number (646) 784-4696 or the numbers at the end of this email (718) 819-5487 or (646) 841-3818. Please circulate this information far and wide – you never know who you might be helping.
Stay safe Brooklyn CB5!

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